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James Nicolson

M, #1540, b. 22 September 1857, d. 29 January 1863
Last Edited: 5 Oct 2005


Father*: James Nicolson b. c 1832, d. 19 Dec 1916
Mother*: Margaret Anderson b. c 1830, d. 21 May 1920
  • Birth*: James Nicolson was born on 22 September 1857 at 9 Hilltown, Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland, ; 1857 births in the 1st District of Dundee, Nicholson James 1857 September 22nd 9.55am 9 Hilltown Dundee, m, fath James Nicholson cloth lapper, moth Margaret Nicholson ms Anderson, inf James Nicholson father not present, reg 1857 September 26th at Dundee Wm Fairweather registrar.
  • He was the son of James Nicolson and Margaret Anderson.
  • (Deceased) Death*: James Nicolson died on 29 January 1863 at 1 Ladywell Lane, Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland, , at age 5 1863 Deaths in the 1st District of the Burgh of Dundee, James Nicholson, single, 1863 January 29th 7h 35m am 1 Ladywell Lane Dundee, m, 5 years 4 months, fath James Nicholson lapper, moth Margaret Nicholson ms Anderson, croup 3 days as cert by J M Baxter surgeon, inf James Nicolson father present, reg 1863 January 29th at Dundee W Johnston registrar, margin note col 1 & 5 read Nicolson.