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Many years have passed since, after a visit to relatives and a brief explanation of how they were related, my son wanted to know how many of 'these second cousins' he had. Since that day, my researches have found me many friends around the world and the collective fruit of our task is published here. I am indebted to everyone who has contributed - you know who you are!

Key Family Dundee c1900
This photo was taken about 1900 in Dundee. The Key family probably lived at 17 Park Avenue at the time. Father George was a farm servant in Dundee parish when he married, later working as a harbour porter; mother Ann Gibson Ford was a domestic servant in Inverkeillor when they married there in 1866. There were six of a family, 2 sons (not pictured here) and four daughters. William married at 20, worked as a tea merchant and went to London where he raised a family of 5 with his wife Annie. John was 25 when he married Catherine but she died of tuberculosis in Aberdeen when their only survivng child was just 3 years old. That child was adopted by her uncle and went with his family to the USA. Margaret married her cousin William Ford in 1896. She was a domestic servant, he a marine engineer. They had a family of 5, including twin girls. Maggie lived until she was 80. Lizzie worked as a jute weaver before going to Rhodesia with her husband John Anderson. She died in childbirth in 1902 at only 26. Helen was a sack machinist before she married Andrew Heggie. They had at least two children before leaving to live in the USA. Nellie died aged 96. Georgina was a dressmaker and tailoress before marrying James Kinnear Adamson. They had 3 children and Jo lived until she was 92. In the photo, standing at the back Jo, Maggie, Lizzie and Nellie (contrary to what is written); and in front Ann Gibson Ford and George Key. George and this family can be found here http://www.genesontheweb.co.uk/p141.htm