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Helen McNaughton

F, #1563, b. 2 October 1791, d. 9 December 1857
Last Edited: 18 May 2020


Father*: John McNaughton b. c 1765
Mother*: Margaret Wilson b. c 1765
  • Birth*: Helen McNaughton was born on 2 October 1791 at Abdie, Fife, Scotland; Christened Nellie - LDS April 2008.
  • She was the daughter of John McNaughton and Margaret Wilson.
  • (Bride) Marriage*: Helen McNaughton married John Pitkethly, son of Thomas Pitkethly and Isabel Nairn, on 25 October 1811 at Newburgh, Fife, Scotland, .1
  • (Deceased) Death*: Helen McNaughton died on 9 December 1857 at Shuttlefield, Newburgh, Fife, Scotland, , at age 66 image held; GROs ref 450/00 0058 185 deaths in the district of Newburgh in the County of Fife; #58; Helen Pitkethley widow, 1857 December nineth 10h 0m am Shuttlefield Newburgh; f, 66 years; John McNaughton agricultural labourer (dec), Helen McNaughton ms Wilson (dec); chronic bronchitis 2 years as cert by Robert Peter Ferguson who saw deceased December 8th; buried Church Yard Abdie as cert by Thos Wallace undertaker; informant Robert Simpson son-in-law; reg 1857 December 14th at Newburgh James Wilson registrar (April 2008.)
  • Married Name: As of 25 October 1811, her married name was Pitkethly.

Census Events

Head of Household6 June 1841They and Thomas Pitkethly, Helen Pitkethly, David Clark Pitkethly, Robert Walker Pitkethly, Mathew Pitkethly, Margaret Walker Pitkethly, Matthew Pitkethly and Isabel Howie were listed in the 1841 census at Shuttlefield, Newburgh, Fife, Scotland, . John     Pitkethly     Male     50     1791     Fife, Scotland
Helen     Pitkethly     Female     45     1796     Fife, Scotland
Thomas     Pitkethly     Male     20     1821     Fife, Scotland
Helen     Pitkethly     Female     15     1826     Fife, Scotland
David     Pitkethly     Male     15     1826     Fife, Scotland
Robert     Pitkethly     Male     10     1831     Fife, Scotland
Mathew     Pitkethly     Male     8     1833     Fife, Scotland
Margaret     Pitkethly     Female     4     1837     Fife, Scotland
Margaret     Comb     Female     3     1838     Fife, Scotland
Mathew     Pitkethly     Male     70     1771     Fife, Scotland
Isabel     Pitkethly     Female     70     1771     Fife, Scotland
Janet     Ogilvie     Female     30     1811     Scotland.2
Spouse30 March 1851She was listed in the household of John Pitkethly in the 1851 census at Shuttlefield, Newburgh, Fife, Scotland, . John     Pitkethly     Head     Married     Male     63     1788     Retired Mason (Owns Half A House)     Newburgh, Fife, Scotland
Helen     Pitkethly     Wife     Married     Female     61     1790     -     Newburgh, Fife, Scotland
David     Pitkethly     Son     Unmarried     Male     23     1828     Mason     Newburgh, Fife, Scotland
Robert     Pitkethly     Son     Unmarried     Male     20     1831     Linen Weaver     Newburgh, Fife, Scotland
Matthew     Pitkethly     Son     Unmarried     Male     17     1834     Mason (App)     Newburgh, Fife, Scotland
Margaret     Pitkethly     Daughter     Unmarried     Female     15     1836     Linen Weaver (App)     Newburgh, Fife, Scotland. David Clark Pitkethly, Robert Walker Pitkethly, Mathew Pitkethly and Margaret Walker Pitkethly were also listed in the household.3


John Pitkethly b. 8 Dec 1788


John Pitkethly+ b. 27 Feb 1812
James Pitkethly+ b. c 1813, d. 5 May 1881
McLaughlan Pitkethly b. 17 Jul 1814
Thomas Pitkethly+ b. 17 Mar 1816
Jean Pitkethly+ b. 15 Nov 1818
Helen Pitkethly+ b. 27 Jul 1822, d. 24 Jan 1908
David Clark Pitkethly+ b. 20 Sep 1826, d. 31 Aug 1902
Margaret Pitkethly b. 15 Feb 1829, d. b 5 Sep 1836
Robert Walker Pitkethly+ b. 10 Nov 1830, d. b 3 Apr 1881
Mathew Pitkethly+ b. 4 Jun 1833
Margaret Walker Pitkethly+ b. 5 Sep 1836, d. 22 Oct 1881


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