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Henry Rodger1

M, #9488, b. circa 1868
Last Edited: 14 Apr 2015
  • Birth*: Henry Rodger was born circa 1868.1
  • (Witness) Newspaper Article: He and John Adamson and Isabella Moffat was mentioned in a newspaper article about David Adamson on 1 December 1884. MELANCHOLY DROWNING ACCIDENT ON FORFAR LOCH
    Owing to the severe frost yesterday, Forfar Loch was partially frozen over, and about eight o'clock last night David Adamson (17), son of John Adamson, grocer, West High Street, and Henry Rodger (16), son of David Rodger, West High Street, went, along with a number of companions, to test the ice at St Margaret's Loch, on the north side of the loch. Rodger had gone over on the ice for the distance of nearly twenty yards, when it suddenly gave way, and he was precipitated into the water. Adamson, on observing this, attempted his rescue by thowing the end of his overcoat to Rodger, who had by this time risen to the surface. Rodger caught hold of it, but owning to his benumbed condition, he lost his grasp, and Adamson being thrown back, also fell through the ice. A companion, named James Mann, attempted their rescue, but his efforts were unavailing, as they had disappeared under the ice by that time. The alarm was immediately given, and a large crowd soon collected on the spot. The boat belonging to Lord Strathmore was conveyed with all despatch from the boathouse at the west-end of the loch, and the search for the bodies commenced forthwith. The were recovered at about 11 30pm, and conveyed to the homes of their bereaved parents.1


  1. [S32] Newspaper Article, Aberdeen Journal 1 Dec 1884.