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William Esau Kidd

M, #5310, b. 10 August 1892, d. 1938
  • Occupation: William was (coal) miner (Blackball Mining Coy, Blackball, Buller.)1,2
  • Birth*: He was born on 10 August 1892 at Brunnerton, Buller, New Zealand.1,2,3
  • He was the son of William Kidd and Ann McQueen Alexander.
  • (Officiating Clergy) Marriage: William Esau Kidd officiated at the marriage of Edward Henry Gear and Margaret Guthrie Kidd on Tuesday, 10 August 1909 at residence of William Kidd, Millerton, Buller, New Zealand; Henry was a 22 year-old bachelor & blacksmith born in Westport and residing in Millerton. Margaret was an 18 year-old spinster with no listed profession, born in Brunnerton and residing in Millerton. Married by certificate. Both signed their names. Marriage witnesses: James BROWN (storekeeper at Millerton), Myrtle KENNEDY (domestic duties) & William KIDD (Margaret’s father).4,2,3
    August 9th 1909, Millerton, New Zealand. Wedding of Margaret Guthrie Kidd and Edward Henry Gear.
    Wedding party L-R : William Esau Kidd (with unknown best man seated in front), Isabella Kidd aged 20, Margaret Guthrie Kidd, bride aged 18, Edward Henry Gear, groom aged 22, Elizabeth Ann McQueen Kidd aged 11, Ann McQueen Kidd, mother of the bride aged 42, on her knee Fred Fox aged 2, Frances Fox nee Kidd aged 22, Margaret Guthrie Broadfoot, sister of the mother of the bride aged 39, Thomas Alexander aged 84, Jack Broadfoot holding his son Johnny, Thomas Alexander Kidd aged 21, Albert Kidd aged 15 seated on ground. Unfortunately the father of the bride, William Kidd, was standing at the extreme left hand side, but the photographer had his thumb over the lens and William Kidd was blotted out!
  • Military Service*: William Esau Kidd served with an unknown person between 1914 and 1918 William enlisted on 13 August 1914 at Greymouth. He was recorded as being 22 years of age, 5', 7' tall with fair complexion, fair hair and grey eyes. He was a serving member of the NZ Millerton Volunteers (5 years) and the Territorials (D Coy, 13th Regiment) (2years).
    Upon medical examination it was noted he had a slightl enlarged thyroid and was declared fit for field force.
    His next of kin was William Kidd of Granity.1,2
  • Marriage: He married Phoebe Bland circa 1920 at Auckland, New Zealand.2
  • (Groom) Marriage*: William Esau Kidd married Nancy Evelina Amanda Davey in 1925 at Australia.3,2
  • (Deceased) Death*: William Esau Kidd died in 1938 at Australia.3
  • Death: He died in 1938 at Australia.2
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Father*: William Kidd b. 5 Sep 1860, d. 17 Jul 1927
Mother*: Ann McQueen Alexander b. 1867, d. 20 Oct 1914


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