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Annie Boag

F, #5657, b. circa 1903, d. 1990
Annie (Boag, Coonie) and Alexander Dickson c1954
  • Birth*: Annie Boag was born circa 1903 at Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland.1
  • (Bride) Marriage*: She married Thomas McCamley Cooney on 21 July 1923 at St Mary Chapel, Lochee, Dundee, Forfarshire, Scotland; 1923 marriages in the district of Lochee in the burgh of Dundee, ref 110; 1923 on the Twenty-first day of July at St Marys Chapel Lochee after publication according to the forms of the Roman Catholic Church; Thomas McCamley Cooney jute mill worker, 23, 16 Balgay Street Lochee, Frank Cooney jute batcher (dec) Kate Cooney ms [McBeth?] (dec); Annie McKenna Boag jute spinner spinster, 20, 81 Lorne Street Lochee, John Boag labourer (dec), Mary Boag ms Mc Kenna; signed Patrick Dumgher R C Clergyman St Marys Lochee Dundee, Francis Cooney 10 Balgay Street Bridget Henderson 67 Lorne Street Lochee witnesses; 1823 July 23srd at Lochee John R Nicoll registrar.2
  • (Bride) Marriage: Annie Boag married Alexander Young Dickson, son of John Dickson and Eliza Jane McManus, in 1941 at St Clement, Dundee, Angus, Scotland.3
  • (Informant) Death: Annie Boag registered the death of Alexander Young Dickson on 9 January 1957 at 22 Kerrs Lane, Dundee, Angus, Scotland; 1957 deaths in the district of Lochee in the burgh of Dundee, ref 005; Alexander Young Dickson jute mill worker (calender) married to 1) Mary Patterson and 2) Annie Boag or Cooney died 1957 January 9th 3h 30m AM at 22 Kerrs Lane Dundee aged 57 years; father John Dickson jute calender worker (deceased); mother Eliza Jane Dickson ms McManus (deceased); coronary thrombosis as certified by C J C Hinnricks MBChB; informant Annie Dickson widow; registered 1957 January 9th at Lochee A C Marshall registrar.4
  • (Witness) Memorial Inscription: Annie Boag is commemorated on the headstone erected in September 1915 at Balgay Cemetery, Dundee, Angus, Scotland. Inscription reads In memory of Martin F Dickson who died 6th Sept 1915 aged 7 years, also David M Dickson who died 28th Feby 1916 aged 14 years, and their mother Eliza Jane McManus beloved wife of John Dickson who died 14th March 1939 aged 80 years, also Spr James Dickson RE killed in Bari Italy 9th April 1945 aged 41 years husband of Isabella Millar, also John Dickson who died 12th April 1954 aged 84 years, and their son Alex beloved husband of Annie Boag who died 9th January 1957 aged 57 years.5
    Headstone Dundee Balgay, Martin Fraser Dickson 1915
  • (Deceased) Death*: She died in 1990 at Dundee, Angus, Scotland.6
Last Edited: 3 May 2017


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