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Agnes Kerr

F, #9898, b. 1 April 1785, d. 23 October 1872
Last Edited: 14 Apr 2015


Father*: William Kerr b. c 1758, d. 1 Aug 1843
Mother*: Isabel Thom b. c 1758
  • Baptism*: Agnes Kerr was baptised on 1 April 1785 at Glamis, Forfarshire, Scotland, .1,2
  • She was the daughter of William Kerr and Isabel Thom.
  • (Bride) Marriage*: Agnes Kerr married Thomas Adamson, son of Charles Adamson and Martha Fenton, say 1807 at Forfarshire, Scotland, ; estim from first known child.
  • (Deceased) Death*: Agnes Kerr died on 23 October 1872 at Cottar Town Drumglay, Glamis, Forfarshire, Scotland, , at age 87 1872 deaths in the parish of Glamis in the county of Forfar, ref 23; Agnes Adamson, widow of Thomas Adamson pendicler; 1872 October Twenty-Third 1hr 20m pm Cottar-Town Drumglay; female 87 years; William Kerr pendlicler (dec) Elizabeth Kerr ms Thoms (dec); old age no medical attendant; signed James Adamson son; registered 1872 October 24 at Glamis Robert G Ross registrar.3
  • Married Name: As of circa 1807, her married name was Adamson.

Census Events

Member of Household6 June 1841Agnes Kerr was listed along with Thomas Adamson in the 1841 census at Drumglay Cotter, Glamis, Forfarshire, Scotland, . Thomas Adamson, 55, no occupation stated, Angus; Agnes Adamson, 55, Angus.4
Spouse30 March 1851She was listed in the household of Thomas Adamson in the 1851 census at Drumglay, Glamis, Forfarshire, Scotland, . Thomas Adamson, 68, weaver flax / linen, Kingoldrum; Agnes Adamson, 65, Glamis. David Adamson, Martha Adamson, James Adamson, William Adamson and Agnes Adamson were also listed in the household.5
Member of Household7 April 1861They was listed as a member of the household of James Adamson in the 1861 census at Villiage of Drumglay, Glamis, Forfarshire, Scotland, . Agnes Kerr, mother, 76, farmer of 5 acres, Glamis; James Adamson, head, 39, ag lab, Farnell.6
Head of Household2 April 1871She was listed as head of household in the 1871 census at Drumglay, Glamis, Forfarshire, Scotland, . Agnes Kerr, head, 86, pendlicler, Glamis; also in the household was James Adamson and Martha Adamson.7


Thomas Adamson b. 4 Dec 1782, d. bt 30 Mar 1851 - 1 Jan 1855


Charles Adamson+ b. c 1808, d. 24 Jan 1884
David Adamson b. 2 Mar 1815
William Adamson b. 27 Oct 1816
Martha Adamson b. c 1817
Robert Adamson b. 19 Dec 1819
James Adamson b. c 1822
Thomas Adamson+ b. 8 Aug 1824, d. 23 Jul 1858
William Adamson b. 20 Dec 1826
John Adamson+ b. 17 Jun 1829, d. 22 Nov 1920


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